Friday, September 5, 2008

Only for the gorgeous--no, not you

The models have invaded manhattan, so you know what time it is--Spring 2009 fashion week in NYC commenced today--just in time for it to be 100 degrees and a visit from Hurricane Hanna. I'm all set for 4 non-stop weeks of fashion, parties pics, and Cathy Horyn (who I am NOT referring to in my title--that would be me, you, etc--even though that pic above is well...) Hmm, what shows am I looking forward to?  I'll pick one designer in each city, so as to make my life a little easier because I really do care and look at them all. Let's see, Marc Jacobs in New York (predictable);  Aquascutum for London; Jil Sander for Milan (a Cathy fave); and Balenciaga in Paris (another terribly predictable choice.) is my dealer when it comes to the fashion crack--but I still haven't gotten used to their new design.  There are way too may things going on--menus, 50 blogs, lists, tabs, and a weird pic for their headline bar--totally outdated and cheesy.  I think the corniest thing they started doing is having what looks like a vlog but the person speaking is an animation or avatar---like Leigh Lezark from the Misshapes (It-goth girl from 2005 who is still hanging around for some unknown reason, getting old and even more boring) as an animated head.  It's so unwatchable and totally un-Vogue.  
Updates on must-need-to-know-about fashion shit soon!  
I can hear you groaning--cut it out.